Pic – Blue Binnie ©1980

The neo-Naturist Cabaret was started in 1979 by Wilma Johnson, Christine and Jennifer Binnie and Grayson Perry.  Over the years people have participated in performances in galleries, night clubs, public places and festivals. Wilma left the group in 1987.

The Beginning :  I first met Christine Binnie when she came to be my “personal life model” when I was at St. Martins college of art. Most of the models were straight out of a Stanley  Spencer painting, all goose skin and Bingo wings, the grim reaper lurking behind the gas heater.
Christine was wearing a pale blue negligée, fuck me pumps and holly red lipstick. She had a peroxide beehive hairdo with a tourquoise streak through the middle. She looked fantastic.  I drew her for a bit in the morning, because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do, but by lunchtime we were both a bit bored. Then we went to Soho Square for a
picnic, and over a tub of rollmops and a can of cider, we had a chat about performance art. By the afternoon, I had swapped my Flesh Tint oil paint for some blue and gold body paint and transformed her into a voluptuous version of Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus, with the help of a feather
boa I happened to be wearing. That was the beginning of the neo-Naturists for me.      ( www.wilmaweb.com )