Jennifer Binnie is a painter and a Neo-Naturist, in that order.
You will find no reference in her work to the current Expressionist vogue, not to any obviously contemporary subject matter.  Instead she offers a stunning latter day equivalent of the cave painting.  Richly coloured and primitively depicted unicorns, reindeer and naked humans fly across her canvasses which she frames with carved and coloured branches.  In some cicles Jennifer is better know as a performance artist; she is co-founder of the infamous Neo Narurist Cabaret, formed in 81 by the Binnie sisters and fellow artist Wilma Johnson.  Numbers in the group are kept flexible ( there are never more than 17),  about half their performances involve some truly spectacular body painting and well-know occasional revellers
include Helen Terry of Culture Club,  Super-8 filmmaker  Cerith Wynn Evans,  David Holah of Bodymap and artist Bruce Lacey.  Their haphazard and riotous shows can usually be seen once a week at London clubs or openings and, sometimes, in random public places like the British Museum.  Recently they’ve even started their own basement.  The hilarity engendered by these aesthetic ( and naked )  romps is, however,  fully matched by the art world¥s commercial faith in the work.  The Tate has just snapped up three of Jennifer Binnie’s paintings.       TEXT BY LYDIA LIMON