February 28, 1981, I made my stage début with Bow Wow Wow.  It was a strange batism and typical of Malcolm’s perversity.
When  Bow Wow Wow went back on for  their first encore I skipped on instead of Annabella.  The crowd were confused and barely raised a cheer. I was too elated to consider their reaction.
Going on stage in front of thousands of people was a big thrill for me.  Philip said he was too jealous to watch,  others were impressed by confidence. Dave Fishell, Bow Wow Wow’s tour manager, wasnt’t calling it an obnoxious performance. Vivienne Westwood  gave me a free T-shirt for being the best thing all night. She couldn’t stand Annabella .  I scoured the music press hoping for a picture. the bastards barely mentioned me.  Matthew said I’d work with Bow Wow Wow again but I dind’t belive it.
Malcolm cooked me a steak sandwich and talked weird business.  He said he was going to put me on a retainer and wanted me to record a new song,  The Mile High Club.  He spun out the story about children getting gangbanged by animals on an aeroplane and a pilot called Lieutenant Lush.  Which would be my stage name.  It was hard to take Malcolm seriously, the only thing I wanted to belive wsa that he was going to make me a star.  I left that  night thinking I would be part of Bow Wow Wow
My moment with Bow Wow Wow ws the blink of an eye.  I perfomed one more gig with them at Manchester University.  This time I came on the middle of the set and sake this pretty apparition and spat their appreciation . I swung the mic stand at them shouting obscenities….   Boy George – Take It Like A Man