Antenna – New Sounds New Styles Mag

Step inside Antenna and you may think you’ve walked straight into a filmset for a science fiction movie. Since the opening 18 months ago, the decor has been a process of constant forbidding, but this didn’t make any difference to the speed with which Antenna’s name spread around. ‘I was out and about, around the clubs, seeing hat was happening. And all the kids were doing their own hair at home, or getting their friends to do it, and coming up with some great ideas. And I thought, why aren’t we, the professionals, doing this ?? I realised there was a total gap in the market and Antenna struck out to fill it ‘ NEW SOUNDS NEW STYLES – ISSUE C / phase 2 / May 1982 Pictures by – Russell Young




Monochrome shortcut to style . . . Black and White razor cut from hair pioneers Antenna. To defy gravity, Antenna import ‘Pinko’, the hair creme said to be the mstery ingredient behind Elvis and the best 50s quiffs. OFF CUTS COLUMN – BY LAURA HARD – NEW SOUNDS NEW STYLES / N.8 / 1982 FEBRUARY 1982